Industrial Plasma Applications of Materials

The number of industrial applications of plasma-based systems for processing of materials and for surface modification is extensive, and many industries are impacted. Some of these processes and corresponding applications include:

  • Plasma-controlled anisotropic etching in fabrication of microelectronic chips
  • Plasma deposition of silicon nitride for surface passivation and insulation
  • Surface oxidation used in fabrication of silicon-based microelectronic circuits
  • Plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition of amorphous silicon films used in solar cells
  • Plasma-surface treatment for improved film adhesion to polymer surfaces
  • Plasma nitriding, which is used to harden the surface of steel;
  • Plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition and thermal plasma chemical vapour deposition of diamond thin films
  • Plasma spray deposition of ceramic or metal alloy coatings used for protection against wear or corrosion in aircraft and automotive engines

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